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Commenting & Posting Rules

- We do moderate comments to keep the peace. If we remove or edit your comment, you probably already know why. It's our website, and our rules. You are free to discuss it with privately if you feel it was unwarranted. We very rarely have to do this, and it's only usually when people have been told not to continue something.

- Please keep all posts in English. This helps with moderation and helps to keep GOL a friendly place. Links can be to non-English sources where it's necessary.

- If you spot a spelling error or a grammar issue, please use one of the Corrections option (example #1, example #2). Comments pointing these things likely will be removed. We appreciate all tips on it but not in the normal comments area please to keep things on topic to each article.

- If you have an issue with the wording in an article title or sentence, please again use the corrections feature noted above. We don't want nitpicking on wording in comments. Again, comments are for discussing the subject, not for what you feel "needs" correcting.

- This is not the place to argue over pronouns like they/their. If the way something is written is unclear or perhaps needs more context, use the above mentioned corrections option to offer a suggestion.

- No pirate links (zero tolerance on that!), we do not support piracy, please buy games and support developers. We also do not want to see discussion about how you like to pirate games, keep that at the door please. Regardless of your reasons, please don't post about it. Perhaps take a look at our Free Games list, it might help instead of pirating a game.

- Spreading of cheats and/or anti-cheat circumvention for multiplayer games is not acceptable here, it ruins games for everyone. Anyone asking for help or providing help with cheats in multiplayer games will result in a warning and/or ban.

- No porn links, zero tolerance on that again. We have people of all ages visiting and chatting.

- Excessive swearing in comments is not needed, keep your language in check.

- Comments that are completely unrelated to an article may be removed. If you have something to say outside of a topic in an article, please use the Forum.

- Linking into the above, drive-by comments to show your disinterest in an article or something we cover are just not needed. They're a waste of your time, our time and have in the past caused arguments. If you're a super fan of GOG, Steam or *insert thing*, we don't need to see your comments on opposing articles telling people to "go use other thing". Fanatical attitudes aren't welcome.

- Try to remain polite and do not attack others. Using hostile language towards others, and name calling are absolutely not needed. Doing so will result in warnings or bans without a warning if it's especially offensive without a damn good reason.

- Any form of hate speech or discriminatory speech is not allowed. That includes racism, sexism, being toxic on gender topics and so on. We're an inclusive community, remember that. Be nice, get along.

- Comments that serve to only antagonise an article author probably will be removed without warning, repeatedly doing so will result in a ban from commenting.

- Spreading misinformation is a quick way to a deletion and a ban.

- Distribution wars that have plagued the Linux community are not welcome here. Bans will occur for people who engage in them or talk down to anyone for their choice.

- No licensing wars. We do not care about the politics of FOSS/FLOSS/OSS or whatever. We are a gaming site, not a place for mindless zealotry.

- Talking about zealotry, we are Gaming On Linux and not "Gaming on Linux only native titles or GTFO". If you be a nuisance when talking about Steam Play / Proton, DOSBox, Wine, Cloud Gaming, Emulation and so on, we will give warnings and take further action if needed. Allow people to enjoy what they want, don't be a gate keeper. We don't need constant comments about how you won't buy a game if it's not native, as just one example.

- No arguments about the naming of "Linux", we call it Linux, no GNU wars here and that's not negotiable. Anyone who goes on a GNU crusade will be removed.

- Politics is important, it affects everything and everyone. However, be mindful of what you talk about and spread. If it is likely to cause arguments, don't post it. Most of the time, political chat isn't really needed here. Obviously if we cover something political, that is inviting respectable debate keeping all the other rules in mind.

- Think "Would I say this in public to people I've never met before?" if the answer is no, think about it.

- Backseat moderation is not wanted. If you have issues, report it by hitting the little flag icon on a post. If you don't report it, we may not see it. It's impossible for us to monitor all comments, all of the time.

- These rules apply to our IRC (#gamingonlinux on Libera.Chat), Discord and any other community chat areas as well.

- A ban in one social chat room applies to all, you cannot evade a personal ban by just joining a different chat service we have a room on.

- If seeing something offends your senses, add to your blocked article tag list in your User Settings. This allows your main GOL feed to only show tags you want.

- We will update the rules as we see fit at any time.

For ban appeals, you can email us at contact [a/t] gamingonlinux [-d-o-t-] com.