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Game developer, Linux helper person, and independent writer/interviewer.

Currently working on Winter's Wake, a first person text adventure thing and its engine Icicle. Also making a little bee themed base builder called Hive Time :)

I do more stuff than could ever fit into a bio.

Find me in these places:

Valve's Linux Development Blog Goes Live

By Cheeseness,
Hi all Valve have just launched their Linux blog! Here are a few tidbits: QuoteAvoid the rumors and speculati...

Cheese Talks To Digital Arrow (about Dilogus and other things)

By Cheeseness,
Sorry about having so many interviews packed so close together. This month has been crazy for me! Hot on the heels of my recent

Cheese Talks To Robert Kooima (about Neverball)

By Cheeseness,
Hi all! It is with immense pleasure that I present my latest "cheese talks to" interview, this time featuring the thoughts and perspectives of Robert Kooima (RLK) on the evolution of the open source game Neverball, which he persona...

The Humble Indie Bundle V Reddit IAmA - A Summary

By Cheeseness,
So earlier this evening, I offered to post a quick write-up with quotes of any Linux relevant stuff from the recent Humble Bundle developers'...
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