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History, sci-fi, technology, cooking, writing and playing games are things I enjoy very much. I'm always keen to try different genres of games and discover all the gems out there.

Oh and the name doesn't mean anything but coincidentally could be pronounced as "Buttery" which suits me just fine.

Spiritual Successor To Ultima Underworld, Underworld Ascendant, Now On Kickstarter

The early 90s saw a lot of different game genres appear and mature. Games like Wolfenstein, Dune II, Civilization and Ultima Underworld made important contributions to gaming in general. Now, under a new studio, industry veterans responsible for Ultima Underworld have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a spiritual successor titled Underworld Ascendant.

A Review Of Crystal Catacombs, A Retro-Inspired Platformer

Crystal Catacombs is a 2D platformer that came out on Steam last month after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It features hand-drawn pixel art, an assortment of differently-themed areas and a chiptune soundtrack.

Verdun WW1 FPS Major Engine Update, Plus A Few Thoughts About The Game

The WWI FPS Verdun has been in Early Access and on Linux for over a year now. A major patch was released a few days ago which updated the engine to Unity 5. Time to take a look at it!

Space Sandbox Game Drifter Sees Major Update

Open-world sandbox space trading game 'Drifter' has seen a major release lately, bringing more content and polish to the game. Additions include the first implementation of space station interiors, five new ships and many UI improvements.

The Mims: Beginning, A Quirky God Game, Now Available

Last week saw the release of The Mims: Beginning, a god game with strategy elements, on Steam. It's an early access title that's been in development for a while and was successfully funded by an Indiegogo campaign.

Son Of Nor, Action Adventure Romp With A Twist

This is a game that flew under the radar a little bit since its Linux launch a couple of months ago. Son of Nor is an action adventure title set amidst rolling dunes, temples and oases. Challenging collectibles, environmental puzzles and four player coop are just some of the game's highlights.

VoidExpanse, Open-world Space Game Enters Beta

VoidExpanse, an open-world space game with RPG elements, has reached beta status. In a recent blog post, the developer talked about its current status and future plans.

A Closer Look At The Upcoming Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is an upcoming city-building game by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive. It's getting exciting.

4089: Ghost Within, Sci-Fi Action RPG, Available On Steam

4089 is a self-described stealth action RPG that was released on Steam last week. It's a sequel to both 3079 and 3089.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Is Set To Be Released For Linux This Month

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is slated to come out for Linux later this month. A post by a developer at the end of November confirmed that the game is on track for a release in December.

Dueling Game EGGNOGG+ Has New Beta Available To Try Out

An interesting little game called EGGNOGG+ is now in its second beta and available for those who want to check it out. It's a two-player fighting game with a retro look and chiptune music that is simple to pick up and rather fun to try to master.

Empire: Total War Available Now For Linux - Conquer Both On Land And Sea

Empire: Total War has been release on Linux today! It was ported to Linux by Feral Interactive, so we finally know what their teasers were all about!

Europa Universalis IV: Art Of War, Biggest Expansion To EU IV Yet, Released

Art of War, the newest expansion to the popular Europa Universalis IV has been released. There's a lot of content to go around this time, prominently including an overhauled reformation mechanic that promises to spice up the religious wars in Europe.

Transistor Available On Linux Now

Transistor, a game made by the developers of the well-received Bastion, is finally available on Linux.

Humble Indie Bundle 13 - Hits A Milestone As 100 Linux Ports Reached

The newest Humble Bundle is live and this time around features quite a few Linux débuts. Currently there's a total of 8 games in the bundle with more to come.

Crusader Kings II: Charlemagne Expansion Released

The latest expansion to the medieval grand strategy series Crusader Kings II was released yesterday.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Released For Linux With An Explosive Trailer!

The latest entry in the Borderlands series has been released in the Americas today. Unfortunately the rest of the world will have to wait a few days before getting their hands on the game.
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