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A big fan of platformers, puzzle games, point-and-click adventures and niche indie games.

I run the Hidden Linux Gems group on Steam, where we highlight good indie games for Linux that we feel deserve more attention.

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Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror Released on Steam

By flesk,
Poltergeist is Colombian developer Glitchy Pixel's first commercial game but they've already got several free games under their belt. This is an interesting looking puzzle game which has made its way through Steam Greenlight and is now ready for release both DRM free and on Steam.

DeadCore, A Fast-paced Mix Of Platforming & FPS Out For Linux Today

By flesk,
After an endless fall through powerful magnetic storms... you awaken. Your memory erased, you start exploring the world around you. Someone or something is pushing you higher and higher.

Retro-Style Point-And-Click Adventure 'Bik - A Space Adventure' Released On Steam

By flesk,
Bik was originally made available through Humble Widget in July and after having been greenlit just two months later, it got its official Steam release earlier this week. With an entertaining sci-fi story and multiple playable characters I can see why this one quickly became so popular.

Eufloria HD Released On Steam For Linux

By flesk,
The ambient strategy game originally made its début on Steam in October 2009. Now, 5 years later, it's finally officially available for Linux with an HD upgrade and added content.

Lumino City Confirmed, But Delayed For Linux

By flesk,
The gorgeous sequel to 2011's title 'Lume' is slated for release next month. With no news on release platforms the last year we reached out to the developer 'State of Play' to catch up with the status of the Linux release.

Sigils of Elohim, A Free Puzzle Game From The Developers Of Serious Sam

By flesk,
The first of three sets of puzzles for Sigils of Elohim was released for Linux on Steam as part of the promotional campaign leading up to their next bigger title, The Talos Principle. Playing it unlocks reward codes that can be used to unlock content in the upcoming game.

Developer Of SpaceChem Announces Sandbox Puzzle Game Infinifactory

By flesk,
Last week Zachtronics, the developer of SpaceChem and Infiniminer, announced their upcoming game Infinifactory.

Full Version Of TRI: Of Friendship And Madness Released Today

By flesk,
Rat King Entertainment's vibrant first person puzzle adventure TRI is now available on Steam, Humble Store, GOG, IndieGameStand and!

A Golden Wake Review, Game Release Today

By flesk,
Wadjet Eye Games make their first same-day release for Linux with the release of A Golden Wake today. Follow real estate agent Alfie Banks in this retelling of historical events during the Florida land boom in the early 1920s and the following Great Depression.

Costume Quest 2 Out Today, Well In Time For Halloween

By flesk,
The sequel to the popular Halloween themed turn-based RPG Costume Quest was released today for Linux. This makes it the first Double Fine game to get a proper sequel on the PC.

Super Win The Game Releases Today For Linux

By flesk,
Fans of exploration platformer You Have to Win the Game can finally get their nostalgia sunglasses on for a new bout of precision platforming as the sequel, Super Win the Game, releases on Steam for Linux today.

Blackwell Games Make Their Debut On Linux In Humble Bundle: PC And Android 11

By flesk,
The Blackwell series cemented Wadjet Eye Games' position as one of the most beloved modern developers of classic point-and-click adventures. Today the first three games will be available for purchase on Linux.

A Song For Viggo Will Be Coming To Linux

By flesk,
The team behind the Kickstarted game A Song for Viggo have announced that they have teamed up with Talawa Games, the developer of Unmechanical, to launch the game on additional platforms, including Linux.

Ambient Puzzler Hexcells Infinite Available On Linux Today

By flesk,
The third and final instalment in the popular puzzle game series launches today, DRM free and on Steam.

A Bird Story RPG To Release On November 5th

By flesk,
In a press release last week the developer of indie hit To the Moon, Freebird Games, revealed that their next game, A Bird Story, will be available for Linux on Steam and GOG, among other distribution platforms.
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