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Latest Comments by Julius
Hypersomnia is a free and open source top-down competitive 2D shooter
13 June 2024 at 5:22 pm UTC

Has a steep learning curve and an overly long tutorial, but was quite fun to play on the last onFOSS multiplayer event.

Selaco is now in Early Access - one of the best shooters I've played in forever
31 May 2024 at 4:47 pm UTC Likes: 8

Anyone spotted the GPL source-code for this already? Would be nice to see what modifications their did to GZdoom.

NVIDIA switching to open kernel modules by default in future driver update for Turing+
11 May 2024 at 9:16 pm UTC Likes: 15

Hate to break it to people, but gaming is irrelevant to Nvidia decision making these days. This is all about GPUs in datacenters for AI and so on. Supporting the open kernel module just makes it more hassle-free for these large scale customers that pretty much all run some custom Linux version.

Cinematic narrative adventure Until Then delayed a few weeks
3 May 2024 at 12:45 pm UTC Likes: 7

> Experience a world inspired by Philippine locations and culture.

Always nice to see games explicitly going for a non-generic setting. It's kind of sad that even games developed outside the US often end up going for what seems like a generic but heavily US influenced setting.

Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers v2.1 out with Linux support now available
3 May 2024 at 12:40 pm UTC

"gaster" seems to be the password to skip the tutorial and "Wi-Fi Warrior" to unlock multiplayer.

But that is seriously bad game design to have a long unskippable tutorial and make multiplayer an unlockable as well.

Dome Keeper is getting a major content update and multiplayer is coming
26 April 2024 at 1:53 pm UTC

Good game, but indeed for a rogue-like it runs out of content relatively quickly. Maybe this update will improve that.

Embracer Group splitting into three companies
22 April 2024 at 4:18 pm UTC Likes: 3

Quoting: CatKillerEmbracer was particularly relying on a $2 billion deal that fell through. They've been restructuring to try to cover that.

If I remember correctly then the rumour-mill said that this was a planned investment by the Saudi government, so that was probably a good thing that it fell through.

Orange Pi Neo Linux gaming handheld starts at $499 with Ryzen 7840U, Ryzen 8840U at $599
26 March 2024 at 1:19 pm UTC Likes: 2

I don't get what the point of the Ryzen 8840U version is. Seems to be the same specs as the 7840U just with a faster NPU, which is AFAIK completely useless in a handheld like this.

CoreCtrl adds AMD RX 7000 series fan curve controls, Intel CPU temperature sensors
19 March 2024 at 3:01 pm UTC

That should help to figure out why my system sometimes turns off on high load ever since I added a 7600 GPU. Although I suspect it is a shitty PSU that is causing that and not actual over-heating.

Valve fixes up Steam Remote Play - again
13 March 2024 at 11:45 am UTC Likes: 2

Wayland and Steam in general seems to be a mess right now. SteamVR used to work on KDE with wayland, but ever since the SteamVR 2.x update I can't get it to work anymore :(