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Latest Comments by beniwtv
Theme park builder 'Parkitect' now uses the Vulkan API on Linux
12 June 2020 at 9:18 am UTC Likes: 7

Sweet! Nice to see more games using Vulkan :)

SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements
9 July 2019 at 11:33 pm UTC Likes: 1

Quoting: Sil_el_moti don't think so. there are a lot of good games, that are well made for vr and are a lot of fun. that you can't do games the same way like 2d should be known.
i put more than 200h in Beatsaber, would never tell anyone this isn't a good game.
i played onward a very lot, because the mechanics are good and it is a lot of fun.

i don't know what you hope to play, but games like CoD xx wouldn't work in vr. and it would be to much for nowadays gpus.

I think you misunderstood me there :)

My point wasn't that there are no good VR games, far from it. Just that there aren't very many of them (still, there are more than I have time to play currently).

Beat Saber is an AMAZING game to me, it hooked me instantly. And it's beautiful for VR.

Right now my list of favourites are (with some upcoming ones):
- Arizona Sunshine
- Beat Saber
- Boneworks (will hopefully be good when it comes out, so I'll include it here)
- Budget Cuts (this SEEMS good, doesn't currently run for me tho)
- Elite: Dangerous
- Everspace
- No Man's Sky (will also hopefully be good when VR update comes out)
- Serious Sam VR games
- Star Citizen (if they ever finish adding Vulkan and VR)
- Star Trek: Bridge Crew
- Talos Principle
- The Gallery series
- The Solus Project

I'd love to know what everyone's favourite VR games are, maybe we can discover some hidden gems people are playing :)

SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements
9 July 2019 at 6:21 pm UTC

Quoting: Sil_el_moti just started it now and didn't hat to change any settings like reprojection anymore. even runs at 90hz now. but there aren't a lot of games that run on linux right now. thats a bummer.

To be honest I am more concerned about the lack of good VR games for ANY platform on Steam. There are only a handful, most of the VR titles on Steam aren't really games or good. Not sure how the situation is on 'Viveport' or platforms like that, couldn't get that to work in Proton or Wine yet.

Good Proton/Wine and native VR games already mostly work for me, so I have plenty to play. Probably more than I will have time to.

SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements
9 July 2019 at 6:03 pm UTC

Quoting: Vash63#2 absolutely impacts me, are you sure it doesn't for you? What VR headset have you tested this with? Steam adds and removes the device when you open and close SteamVR which wipes pulse's defaults away from it on my system. Maybe it's because I switch my entire default output to the HMD instead of per-faucet, but having to switch every single game on first run is still really annoying.

Yes, I am quite positive - in fact, the Vive audio device appears for me as soon as the Vive is plugged in, not just when SteamVR starts / quits. With the Valve Index audio is handled via DisplayPort, and appears "connected" as soon as you turn the Index on.

EDIT: I should mention here that I currently have switched to Jack Audio - due to streaming VR on Twitch, so there this doesn't apply (I basically have to click a button for it once when I start playing, to get the audio output to the headset).

Quoting: Vash63#3 is an expensive and inelegant workaround compared to Steam just handling power management itself, and really not suitable for a consumer product IMO unless Valve ships the remote outlets with the kit

Yep, agree, but hey at least I can somewhat control it now in the meantime :P
On the other hand, I am not sure I would want them on standby all the time, consuming power.

Quoting: Vash63#4 Specifically a lot of the remapping options and even the 'Exit VR' button from within VR were disabled. This may be fixed with the new beta, or at least probably soon will be as you can enable them with a variable but it was disabled to prevent crashes.

I am not sure I follow there - what remapping? Also - what is "Exit VR"? If you gonna stop playing VR, wouldn't you take off your headset anyway?

EDIT: I have to say here that I never played VR in Windows - so I don't even know that any of that exists - or doesn't work/is disabled in Linux :)

Quoting: Vash63nvidia-settings -a CurrentMetaMode="DPY-3: 2560x1440_144 @2560x1440 +0+0 {ViewPortIn=2560x1440, ViewPortOut=2560x1440+0+0, AllowGSYNC=off}"

That's nice to know if anyone asks me why VR is stuttering on his Nvidia, seems easy enough. Possibly a bug with the EDID of the headset reporting it could do Gsync or something?

SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements
9 July 2019 at 12:50 pm UTC

#2 shouldn't really impact you, PulseAudio should remember the output for each game you set it to, at least does for me.

#3 would be nice to have but I solved that with home automation :P

#4 To be honest never noticed anything like that, I don't even know what's missing :S:

#5 Never used them, so have no need, but I guess it would be nice for Valve to fix that

SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements
9 July 2019 at 10:56 am UTC Likes: 2

Noice! Thanks Valve for continuing to make the Linux experience better here :)

10 years ago GamingOnLinux was created, what a ride it's been
5 July 2019 at 8:53 am UTC Likes: 2

Congrats to the whole GoL team and editors! May we have you guys another 10 years more! :D

The FOSS game engine "Godot Engine" is progressing on Vulkan support
3 July 2019 at 7:03 am UTC

Quoting: TheSHEEEPI just wish they would focus on more important things like the lack of proper 3D navigation before tackling stuff like Vulkan.
Oh, well... all in good time, I guess.

Only Juan is working on Vulkan at the moment, with help here and there from the community (for example, the community has patches for Windows and OSX Vulkan).

Other Godot developers are working on other areas, so it will come in due time, I am sure :)

If you have C++ experience, you can even help out if you want, it is really fun I found.
EDIT: Also, Godot's code base is really nicely organized, so it's easy to navigate around and find the stuff.

Valve have given out some more details on the Index VR HMD with a "Deep Dive" about the Field of View
28 June 2019 at 7:52 am UTC Likes: 1

I should be getting mine today according to tracking!
I'll be doing a live-unboxing, installation and playing games tonight if it indeed does arrive :)