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Game developer, Linux helper person, and independent writer/interviewer.

Currently working on Winter's Wake, a first person text adventure thing and its engine Icicle. Also making a little bee themed base builder called Hive Time :)

I do more stuff than could ever fit into a bio.

Find me in these places:

Honeycomb CRUNCH releases, an example Godot game with sources

By Cheeseness,
Honeycomb CRUNCH, a top scrolling arcade game made in the Godot engine has been released with source code.

The Away Team: Lost Exodus releases October 22nd, with a price change

By Cheeseness,
The Away Team's upcoming Lost Exodus update will be released on October 22nd, featuring expanded content, new mechanics, improved rendering, an in-game character editor and more!

Cheese Talks: Linux Game Jam 2018 Stats and Thoughts

By Cheeseness,
Last month, the 2018 Linux Game Jam was held, attracting 34 new Linux games/prototypes. Here's a look at some games, some statistics and some outcomes!

The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day, a superhero text adventure with first person controls, re-launched

By Cheeseness,
First person/text adventure hybrid, The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day has been re-launched with all-new audio, gamepad support, improved controls and more!

Full Throttle Remastered Rides onto Linux

By Cheeseness,
Rev up your engines, the remastered edition of classic adventure game Full Throttle is now available on Linux!

Cheese Talks: Star Wars Games

By Cheeseness,
After four months researching Star Wars games, Cheese has released a big interactive timeline and writeup. Here's an excerpt covering the games available for Linux!

Trackless & Code 7, two next-gen text adventures currently being crowdfunded

By Cheeseness,
Code 7 and Trackless explore two very different interpretations of what a "modern text adventure" could be, through graphics, audio and new spins on old styles of input.

The Fall Part 2: Unbound To Land Early 2017 & Part 1 Updated For Linux

By Cheeseness,
The sequel to 2014 adventure platformer The Fall has a confirmed simultaneous Linux release slated for early 2017. To help celebrate this, The Fall has also been updated with developer commentary and some visual refinements.

Cheese Talks: Porting Games to Linux & Day of the Tentacle

By Cheeseness,
Following on from Day of the Tentacle Remastered's Linux release, GOL editor Cheese has published 11,000 words on porting games to Linux, supplemented with thoughts and perspectives from other Linux game porters. Read on for a summary and some excerpts!

Day of the Tentacle Now Available On Linux

By Cheeseness,
The remastered edition of the classic point and click adventure game Day of the Tentacle is now available on Linux, thanks to the porting efforts of GOL editor Cheeseness.

First Steps with OpenVR and the Vive on Linux

By Cheeseness,
While not officially supported, it turns out that through SteamVR and Valve's OpenVR, the HTC Vive "works" on Linux with some minor permission changes.

Tiny Chopper Raceway - An Example Godot Game With Sources

By Cheeseness,
Tiny Chopper Raceway is a small 2D drifting/race-against-the-clock game created as an example to demonstrate some of the Godot engine's capabilities.

Cheese Talks: AdventureJam 2015 Retrospective

By Cheeseness,
Just under a year ago over a hundred developers came together to create and celebrate adventure games. With AdventureJam 2016 looming on the horizon, here's a look back at what made the first event interesting and some of the Linux games to come out of it!

The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy now released

By Cheeseness,
The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy has been released! Read on to learn about its origins, its creation and its legacy.

Meditative Labyrinthine Puzzle Game 'Expand' Release Imminent, Plus Some Thoughts

By Cheeseness,
Australian minimalist puzzle exploration game Expand releases today, and turns out to have been developed by a Linux user! Read on for some details, thoughts and screenshots.

Twin Stick Shooter Assault Android Cactus To Be Released Sept 23rd, Plus Some Early Access Reflections

By Cheeseness,
Arcade style twin stick shooter Assault Android Cactus will be released for Linux, Mac and Windows on September 23rd. Check inside for a new screenshots and some early access reflections.

Winter's Wake, A First Person/Text Adventure Hybrid

By Cheeseness,
GOL editor Cheeseness also makes games. A playable demo of his fantasy first person/text adventure hybrid Winter's Wake is now available.

What Happens When You Request A Refund On Steam?

By Cheeseness,
Following up on Steam's new refund policy, we've gone through and documented the process for anybody who might be interested. Do reviews for refunded games hang around? Are Steam trading cards deleted? Read on and find out!

CryEngine Gets An Official Linux Support Announcement

By Cheeseness,
As part of their an EULA update, CryTek have today announced that the next release of CryEngine 3 will feature an OpenGL renderer and Linux support.

Editorial: A Conversation About Broken Age

By Cheeseness,
Double Fine's Broken Age is now released. GOL editors Flesk and Cheeseness sit down to share their thoughts on the game, on being backers, and on being a part of the Double Fine community.
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