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A big fan of platformers, puzzle games, point-and-click adventures and niche indie games.

I run the Hidden Linux Gems group on Steam, where we highlight good indie games for Linux that we feel deserve more attention.

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Teaser Trailer Released For Exploration Puzzler 'Manifold Garden'

By flesk,
Manifold Garden is an upcoming exploration puzzle game set in an Escher-esque world, where you can walk on any visible surface.

Point-And-Click Adventure 'Dropsy' Has Been Released, Some Initial Thoughts

By flesk,
Dropsy is a point-and-click adventure out of the ordinary that was released earlier this week, along with a new sing-a-long trailer.

A Review Of Gravity Platformer Airscape, Now Has Linux Demo

By flesk,
Airscape is a playful gravity platformer that feels like an essential buy to any fan of challenging platformers, and now has a Linux demo on Steam.

KING Art Games Announces Linux Version Of Fantasy RPG 'The Dwarves'

By flesk,
The developer of Battle World: Kronos and the highly rated The Book of Unwritten Tales games launched a Kickstarter campaign last week, and have now promised a Linux version of the upcoming game.

New Trailer Released For Time Jumping Puzzler Induction

By flesk,
Induction creator Bryan Gale recently released a new trailer for his upcoming game, featuring music by Duet composer Tim Shiel.

An Interview With Corpses 'N Souls Developer Side Scroll Studios

By flesk,
One-man developer Side Scroll Studios talks to GamingOnLinux about developing their own engine, promoting an indie game and managing expectations.

Psychological Horror Adventure Game 'Fran Bow' Released On GOG and Steam, Has Demo

By flesk,
The creepy point-and-click adventure game about a young girl, who is sent off to a mental institution for children after her parents are brutally murdered, has been released DRM free on GOG and on Steam for Linux, and has a new demo.

Puzzle Platformer 'In Between' Released On Steam For Linux, Has A Demo

By flesk,
In Between is a story-driven puzzle platformer with gravity rotation mechanics that has the makings of a new classic.

A Review Of Exploration Adventure Game 'Beyond Eyes' On Linux

By flesk,
Beyond Eyes is an exploration game a bit out of the ordinary. It was released on Steam for Linux earlier this week, and here's what I think of it.

The Funding Crowd 49

By flesk,
Another three weeks have passed, and The Funding Crowd is back with a new batch of interesting crowdfunding campaigns.

Point-And-Click Adventure 'Dropsy' Has A Release Date And An Amazing New Trailer

By flesk,
Dropsy is the crowdfunded point-and-click "hugventure" that looks set to either melt your heart or scar you for life, and is slated for a September release.

Adventure RPG 'Evoland 2' Release Date Announced, Linux Release Shortly After

By flesk,
Evoland developers Shiro Games recently announced the release date for the anticipated sequel, and though there's no firm release date for Linux yet, it shouldn't be far behind the Windows release.

Casual Clickers 'AdVenture Capitalist' And 'Time Clickers' Now On Steam For Linux

By flesk,
Both games were made available for Linux on Steam last week, and are some of the first games in the increasingly popular genre called "idle games" available natively for Linux.

Psychological Horror Adventure Game 'Fran Bow' To Release Next Month, Has New Trailer

By flesk,
Fran Bow is a creepy point-and-click adventure game about a young girl, who has witnessed the brutal murders of her parents and is sent off to a mental institution for children.

Expansion To First-Person Puzzler 'The Talos Principle', 'Road To Gehenna', Has Been Released

By flesk,
The long-awaited expansion to last year's first-person puzzle favorite has been released on Steam, and comes with a massive price cut on the base game for new customers.

First-Person Exploration Puzzler 'The Magic Circle' Released For Linux, Has Demo

By flesk,
The Magic Circle is a free-form puzzle game that pokes fun at the game industry, and was released for Linux earlier this week.

Massive Update And Free Expansion Released For Gravity Puzzle Platformer 'Blackhole'

By flesk,
The update is meant to fix more than 160 bugs and address controller issues, and also includes new missions and hardcore levels for an estimated 5 hours worth of additional content.

Point-And-Click Adventure 'The Apotheosis Project' Released On Steam For Linux

By flesk,
The Apotheosis Project is a traditional point-and-click adventure game where you control two protagonists with supernatural powers, and the game is now available for Linux on Steam.

New Trailer Released For Gravity Platformer Airscape, Coming In August

By flesk,
The trailer was relased last month, and with the release just a few weeks away, it's time to get hyped for this great looking gravity platformer.

Story-Driven Noir Adventure 'Knee Deep' Has Been Released

By flesk,
The first episode of swamp noir adventure 'Knee Deep' has been released on the Humble Store and Steam.
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